UK-wide care homes open day annouced for the 21st of June 2013

A group of leading care providers and associations (1) has announced plans for a UK-wide care homeĀ 
open day to be held on 21st June 2013. The idea behind the day will be to encourage communities to
go into their local care homes and to connect residents and communities together.

It is hoped that as many care homes as possible will join the event UK-wide and it is open to any care
home, regardless of whether it is council run, or independent. The home is free to put on any
activities that they think will attract their local community into their homes and we are looking
forward to dispelling some of the myths about residential care and showing local people what
excellent services are at the heart of their community.

More details and some advice and suggestions for care homes will be available towards the end of
the year.

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